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Whether you are a handyman by trade or do it as a hobby for friends and family, you know that the trick to getting any job done correctly and in a timely manner is to have the right tools. Chances are that you have already acquired quite the extensive tool collection but they key to success is to always be prepared and that might mean having supplies that are not necessarily thought of as tools. In this home page article we thought our time would be best spent covering a list of tools that we think every handyman needs in tool box. I'm sure that you will find some of the tools on the list below are obvious but we want to be thorough and help you be prepared for any renovation project you take on.


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Hammer - obvious I know, but not just any hammer. Although a 16oz curved claw hammer with a rubber grip is ideal for the big jobs, it may be to large for some jobs or for that matter may be too heavy for some people. So I suggest trying out different hammers, take a few swings and see how it feels, how it fits your grip. I also have a smaller hammer in my tool collection that comes in handy for smaller jobs.

Screwdrivers - Any basic set of screwdrivers containing both Phillips head and flat head screwdrivers in various sizes will do the trick. I personally prefer to use a screwdriver that has one shaft with interchangeable tips and another thing I prefer is magnetic tips, very handy!

Saw - Now there are tons of different saws but unless you're building a house a small hand held cross cut saw will suffice for most jobs. And I do recommend a smaller saw so that it will fit in most standard size tool boxes.

Stapler - Now some may not see a stapler as a necessary handyman tool, that is until they need it. Again being prepared is half the battle and you can pick up a handheld stapler for around $20.

Tape - Duct tape is one of the items mentioned that isn't necessarily a tool but it can prove to be be quite useful for many handyman projects.

Drill - I prefer a cordless drill with batteries but that can be a bit more expensive than an electric drill but which ever you choose, a set of various size drill bits are a necessary. I often use my drill as a screwdriver too.

Tape Measure - you know the old saying "measure twice, cut once", well that makes a measuring tape an obvious necessary tool but we are trying to cover everything, so we had to list it.

Level - a level is must have to ensure that your projects come out looking great and straight Even the cheapest of levels will do the trick and I also recommend a line level or plumb bob.

T square - also known as a carpenters square. A square can prove to be most useful for straight cuts and angles.

Wrench - an adjustable crescent wrench is always useful but they tend to be a bit bulky, so it never hurts to have a small set of a variety of sizes of wrenches.

Pliers - pliers can come in handy for loosening, tightening and hollding things in place but I cannot emphasize enough that needle nose pliers are an indispensable tool too.

Utility Knife - use them for cutting a vast array of materials you come across in your home improvement projects and make sure to pick up a package of replacement blades.

Flashlight - possibly not considered a tool but something I always have in my tool box. You never know when you will be working in an area with bad lighting. I have one with a rechargeable battery that is interchangeable with the batteries for most of my power tools.

Other necessary tool box items that I always have on hand include sandpaper, lubricant, glue, a variety pack of fasteners, washers, and a variety pack of gaskets included.

handyman tool box


Tool box - and last but not least a tool box to store all your tools. I would also highly recommend a tool belt. It is much easier to have your tools close at hand and to keep things like nails or screws in the pocket.

So I hope that this list of tools every handyman needs proves useful in helping you be better prepared in tackling your next DIY renovation project . And we found this video on handyman tools and services.


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